Derek Vaughan South Pasadena Real Estate Interview on NPR!

Photo by israel palacio on Unsplash

I recently had the distinct privilege of contributing to a segment on the NPR show “Marketplace”. It’s a great fit for me because I am a HUGE fan of the show – especially the host – Kai Ryssdal. A member of the Marketplace team interviewed me on the subject of home prices and why they are still rising given the relentless increases in interest rates over the course of 2022. It was a fun chat and I spent about 5-8 minutes answering questions and doing my best to really inform the audience all about what’s happening in South Pasadena real estate at the moment. The Marketplace team created an awesome 2 minute segment was near the beginning of the broadcast on September 20, 2022. I was honored to be the lead guest to speak in the segment.

The other guests in the segment included Lawrence Yun the Chief Economist with the National Association of Realtors and Daryl Fairweather the Chief Economist of Redfin. Needless to say I was in great company! You can listen to the full Marketplace segment below:

Why are home prices still rising? I happened to be at a home inspection for a property that recently went into escrow, so I was at the property with the clients and the inspector when the live show first aired. My phone was set to silent. Just a few minutes after the segment aired my phone began to blow up! It’s obvious to me now that I’m not the only South Pasadena fan of Marketplace. I received a ton of texts and voicemails saying things like: “Hey Derek! I just heard you on Marketplace! So cool!”. Now one of my clients has started calling me a “celebrity”. I want to thank the entire Marketplace team and especially Kai Ryssdal who introduced the segment and also the segment producer Lily Jamali. It was a super fun experience and I’m hoping that Kai wants to have me on again soon! You can hear all of the recent episodes of Marketplace at