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Client Testimonials

Olivia Oshimo
6 months ago
Purchasing a home is a life goal and a dream. For some of us it comes soon, for some of us it takes a little longer. When the opportunity, thankfully, presents itself; you can look at homes that are turn-key gems but yet, it does not feel like it's "the... read more
Maria Schneider
8 months ago
If you are looking for the best in South Pasadena - Derek is your top choice. His knowledge and enthusiasm superseded the expectations in the resent sale of our property. We felt truly privileged to work with Derek and were able to have a smooth and fast transaction.
Caitlin Allen
9 months ago
My husband and I just moved to the Pasadena area and got connected with Derek as we started a search for a rental in the San Marino area. Although Derek specializes mostly in house sales, he spent nearly an hour chatting with me about the ins & the outs... read more
1 year ago
Derek Vaughan. DEREK VAUGHAN. I cannot believe that there is someone out there in this material World, where owning a home is every American's dream and it has already been the experiences of everyone that you don'tt know who to turn to, who to trust. Meeting, working with, and knowing... read more
City of Hope Marcom Video
1 year ago
Derek is a true expert when it comes to the South Pasadena housing market. His advice is sound, his knowledge is deep, and more than that, he took time and care to explain to novice home buyers all we needed to know about what can be a very daunting process.... read more
Ben Grossi
1 year ago
I was facing a difficult crossroads in my life and needed to find a place quickly. I was lucky enough to find Derek who came to my rescue. He immediately went to work on my behalf and presented numerous available properties that fit my criteria. He coordinated visits, acted as... read more
Mary McGrail
1 year ago
Derek is a knowledgable, reliable, prompt, proactive, and thorough realtor. He walked me through the nuances (and apprehension!) of first-time home-buying with patience and wisdom. If you’re looking for a personable expert and advocate, I recommend Derek.
Tyler Gabriel
1 year ago
My wife and I bought our first home with Derek's help - he was excellent. Knowledgeable, thorough, proactive, easygoing, responsive, and with plenty of stories to share. He knows the Pasadena area extremely well, and in our case knew all the things to watch out for when buying an older... read more
Aida Velasco
1 year ago
I was recently in LA house hunting. My husband and I are moving from London to LA because of our jobs. A colleague put me in touch with Derek, and it made all the difference in the world. He is a very professional realtor, who knows South Pasadena very well.... read more