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How Much is My South Pasadena Home Worth?

A Free Professional Home Value Estimate

There are a number of automated home value indicators and tools currently available online. Using a general algorithm, they spit out a general number or range for you based on statistical data. These automated tools often give you wildly different or ranging values depending on their methodology.

My free South Pasadena Homes professional services home value estimate is different.

I use actual human beings to:

1.) Drive past your property (don’t worry – I won’t disturb you – I simply want to look at the front of your home and snap a photo) to understand the best aspects of your specific home including: the lot location, curb appeal and neighborhood;

2.) Investigate the recent comparable nearby homes which have sold and are most similar to yours (within the past 6 months if available);

3.) Check the official records for documented square footage, bedrooms, bathrooms, age of the home, lot size and zoning;

4.) Reconcile all that information with current market trends and send you an email with our home value estimate.

Simply fill in the form on our contact page and I’ll do the rest!

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