Iconic Tree Falls in South Pasadena Marengo District

Having lived in South Pasadena for 25 years, I have seen my fair share of mature trees come down in South Pasadena. Sometimes it’s due to disease, other times Southern California Edison takes down trees for safety if they are encroaching on the electric lines, of course trees also just die naturally from old age. However, the most jarring, scary and emotional times that a mature tree comes down in South Pasadena is due to a storm either high winds or excessive water – or both.

So it is that the iconic Quercus (Oak tree) that beautifully framed the front yard of 1600 Marengo Avenue in the Marengo District of South Pasadena has fallen today. It was an older tree – no doubt. I can’t remember a time when that tree wasn’t there. However being on-site and examining the roots – it looks to be a case of just too much water and a bit too much wind. The rootball came out of the ground and over went the tree.

I’m told that locals were absolutely shocked upon seeing it. This is the loss of an iconic tree in a city known for it’s trees.

Thankfully the tree fell mostly into the yard – and spared the house. It didn’t look like there was too much damage to the surrounding street and sidewalk. Within hours the tree was being cut up.

This stands in contrast to the tree that fell over at my own South Pasadena home over by Trader Joe’s a few years ago. Same basic scenario – the rootball came up out of the ground during a storm. However, my tree fell directly across the road and landed on the power lines. It also took out a few huge branches on a mature tree across the street. You can see some pics I took below. Thankfully no one was injured and miraculously there were no cars parked in the path of the falling tree.

Stay safe out there and be sure to consult an arborist if you have a large, mature tree on your property that looks to be in failing health. Taking action before it falls may prevent injury or property damage to your South Pasadena Real Estate.