Let’s All Work Together to End Homelessness

Above: Setting up for the Masters of Taste benefit at the Rose Bowl

Everyone deserves to have safe and secure shelter – and a place of their own to rest their head.

For the past few years I have been working together with Union Station Homeless Services to help provide shelter for anyone in the San Gabriel Valley who is homeless.

My volunteer efforts have included helping to raise money through annual fundraising events and donating my time to help support those who have no homes.

Below are a few more pictures from volunteer events I helped out with.

The plight of the homeless has weighed on me since I was young. Whenever I would see someone literally sleeping in the street – it struck me how difficult that life must be. It also occurred to me that if everyone who has a home were to donate a small portion of their time and money to those less fortunate – we could help bring our fellow man into the security of a stable living situation.

I encourage everyone who is able to reach out and assist those in our communities who need our help. For my part I chose Union Station Homeless Services as my choice for volunteering.

From their website: “Union Station Homeless Services is part of a premier group of human agencies in Los Angeles County that are leading the way to ending homelessness in our community. We are the San Gabriel Valley’s largest social service agency assisting homeless and very low-income adults and families. Since 1973, Union Station has helped rebuild the lives of thousands of people who were once homeless and without hope.”

I was gratified to recently receive this certificate of appreciation from Union Station Homeless Services for my small role in helping to end homelessness here in our community. I hope to continue this work as long as I am able into the future.

[pdf-embedder url=”https://southpasadenahomes.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/unuion-station.pdf” title=”Union Station Certificate of Appreciation”]

Let’s all join together and do what we can to help Union Station make their credo a reality: “Every person deserves a life of dignity and a safe place to call home.”