Painting is a Cost Effective Upgrade to Your Home

I own a beautiful home on Oaklawn Avenue in South Pasadena. While the main structure is in pretty good shape, our storage shed in the back was starting to look rough. The shed was originally built and (I think) painted in the 1950’s. Time and sunlight had reduced the original paint to a cracking and peeling mess that literally broke off if you touched it.

We hadn’t really been putting off painting the shed, it just never seemed to be a priority. I finally had freed up the time and got a bid from a local painter to remove the old paint, do any wood repairs needed and repaint the structure a different color.

After the painting was completed and I looked over the shed – I realized that the transformation was incredible. Especially given the relatively low cost and short time required to completely revitalize the structure.

As a realtor I visit so many homes in South Pasadena every month. Some of them I spend considerable time inspecting and “bonding” with. I see many homes in the “before sale” and “ready for sale” state.

It always strikes me at how great almost any home looks after a fresh paint job. Even homes that seemed tired and aged will spring back to life with a fresh coat of paint. If you are considering selling your home, I would recommend investigating the cost of getting your home painted. It’s a relatively simple process that can add real money to your home’s sale price.

Feel free to reach out if you need a referral to a cost-effective and professional painter in South Pasadena.