South Pasadena Arts Council (SPARC)

Banner Celebrating the New SPARC Gallery Opening

Another great reason to live in South Pasadena is the appreciation for the arts in town. I have been a volunteer and contributor to the South Pasadena Arts Council (SPARC) for many years.

SPARC was founded in 2009 by long time South Pasadena resident, Lissa Reynolds. Ms. Reynolds also owns the building at 1000 Fremont Avenue and recently welcomed the South Pasadena Arts Council as the newest resident at her building.

SPARC Presiddent, Sandy Kitto and raffle empresario James Reynolds hold forth during the raffle at the SPARC Gallery Grand Opening

There was recently a big Grand Opening event for the new gallery – which is located next to the owner’s office in the #120 space. Being closely involved with this amazing South Pasadena arts organization, I volunteered to set up and attend the Grand Opening.

You can see a brief video of the Grand Opening below.

The day began with a brief tour of the new gallery space and soon we were setting up a number of large and small tables for the guests. There were tons of flowers for the opening as well as a large number of raffle items and branded “swag” to raise money for future exhibits. After setting up some pop-up tents we also erected a backdrop for the musicians.

Refreshments and ice were placed in the gallery and a new temporary banner hung in front of the space to complete the preparations for the event.

SPARC President, Sandy Kitto has been at the helm of the organization from the beginning and she coordinated all the volunteers and donations for the event.

Local artists who would like to investigate exhibiting their work at the new gallery can go to SPARC’s website to get in touch with the organization. In addition to the gallery exhibits, SPARC also supports South Pasadena High School seniors with scholarships in the arts. SPARC events and exhibits are held throughout the years.

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