Is Now a Good Time to Sell Your South Pasadena Home?

You’ve been thinking about selling your home in South Pasadena, and of course you want to get top dollar for your property. So you ask yourself, “If I sell my home right now – will I be offering it into the best market environment?”.

The first thing to consider when selling a South Pasadena property is: “What is my reason for selling?”. If you fall into one of the below categories – you are most likely ready to sell regardless of the specifics of the current selling environment:


Job Relocation;

Property Inherited in a Geographically Distant Area.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. While “timing the market” may seem sensible, in practice it is an extremely difficult thing to do. This is because an ever-changing list of factors can take the current market and shift it in a short period of time.

Perhaps a more reasoned approach is to ensure that your property is set up to attract the maximum number of qualified buyers, and to complete the transaction once buyers show interest. That means preparing the home properly and doing any cosmetic painting and repairs necessary to have the home really shine for buyers. It also means working with a South Pasadena realtor with deep experience in South Pasadena market trends. The key is to get your home in front of the maximum number of qualified buyers possible. You can see more on that aspect of selling your home here:

On the other hand – if you have the benefit of picking exactly when to sell – then considering seasonality may be in order. It’s a fact that home buying and selling slows down in the period from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day each year. Data also shows that the period from about February – October is a time of heightened buying and selling.

With regard to the current real estate climate in South Pasadena, there are still very few single-family homes for sale. Though demand may have softened a bit since last year – the lack of available inventory has kept the demand for these homes very strong. Well priced homes still sell quickly, and considering the amount of appreciation in the past few years – most sellers are sitting on large amounts of equity.

If you are considering selling your home – reach out anytime and I’ll create a completely customized report with exactly the value you can expect in the current real estate environment in South Pasadena.

Your Real Estate Friend,