Just Sold in South Pasadena – 337 Pasadena Avenue

Directly across the street from Arroyo Vista Elementary School sits 337 Pasadena Avenue with its iconic white plaster wall surrounding the property. One can see the lush landscaping bordering the property from many angles of the home. Designed in the Spanish colonial revival architectural style, the original structure was built in 1923 and added onto throughout the years.

This 3 bedroom, 2 bath home was sold in a private transaction in which I represented both the buyers and the sellers. The home measures 1,792 square feet and is nicely positioned on a 7,655 square foot lot.

Vintage Fireplace with Unusual Tile

In this transaction the sellers preferred a trouble-free and quick sale at a pre-specified price. They also knew that there were some needed upgrades and also minor deferred maintenance on the property and wanted to avoid the cost and hassle of making any upgrades prior to the sale.

I was able to present the buyers (who I was already working together with) the opportunity to privately tour the property and know beforehand the exact price that the sellers were asking. In this way the buyers were able to forgo any “bidding wars” or other uncertainty on the final accepted price of the property. This was particularly attractive to the buyers Jahan and Jessica D. who had made offers on other properties only to be outbid. Due to the tight housing inventory and the price range that Jahan and Jessica were targeting – the South Pasadena real estate market was quite competitive during their home search.

Here is what Jahan and Jessica had to say about working together with me to find their perfect “forever South Pasadena home”:

“My husband and I wanted to buy a house in South Pasadena. Knowing that it is a very tight market, we knew it would be important to work with someone local to South Pasadena. I saw some of Derek’s postings on NextDoor so we met up with him. Derek is very knowledgeable and quickly brought us up to speed on what we needed to know to buy a house in South Pasadena. He was always available to answer questions – and we had a lot! After making offers on three different houses and getting outbid each time, we were getting discouraged. In the end, Derek managed to find an off market opportunity for us and finally we bought a house! One thing I really liked about working with Derek is that he respected our needs and desires and didn’t try to push us into buying a house we did not want. Thanks again for all your help!”

I’m looking forward to seeing Jahan and Jessica often as my new South Pasadena neighbors!

View from the Front Porch

If you are interested in learning how you can swiftly and smoothly sell or buy your home privately or on the open market – give me a call anytime. It would be my pleasure to work together with you.