South Pasadena Students Walk Out to Address Gun Violence

Joining thousands of students from across the United States, students at South Pasadena High School walked out of school and raised their collective voices against gun violence this morning. The students participating in the protest have come of age in a world where “lockdown drills” have become commonplace at many schools.

Just one month after a gunman killed 17 people at a Parkland, Florida high school – waves of student activists across the country walked out at 10:00 am local time today for 17 minutes. This represented 1 minute for each of the 17 persons killed in the Florida school shooting.

Hundreds of students from South Pasadena High School left the school at 10:00 am and continued in a peaceful walk around South Pasadena. Some held signs demanding an end to school gun violence and all walked in solidarity with the non-violence cause. applauds the efforts of these South Pasadena students in working to make their world a safer place through peaceful means.

Below are photos of the student activists exercising their right to free speech. All photos are courtesy of South Pasadena High School senior, Brandon Vaughan.