Unusual Things I’ve Seen in Real Estate Recently

South Pasadena and the surrounding areas have a wealth of beautiful historic homes. While speaking with those who want to sell their homes or touring homes for sale – I come across a ton of interesting and unusual features. Here are a few unusual items that I’ve seen recently.

The World’s Smallest Sink

While touring a home with a client we peaked inside a remodeled bathroom. The bathroom looked to be added on, and clearly space was at a premium. The doors didn’t open all the way due to space – and then we turned and saw…the sink! Not certain what the record for the world’s smallest sink actually is, however I have been in and toured hundreds of homes in this area and I have never seen a sink this small.

Electrical Outlets With USB Charging Slots Built-in

Appearing in a beautiful home that I recently held open, this fantastic and yet simple upgrade is pure genius. How many times have I walked around the house looking for somewhere to plug in my phone? This integrated outlet is useful for both electricity and USB charging. Plus – there’s not just 1 but 2 USB outlets per receptacle – so you can charge 2 phones at the same time. This feature must be new – as I hadn’t seen it before. It’s sure to add the “Wow!” factor and increase a home’s value.

Original Lime Green GE Kitchen Appliances From the 70’s

During an open house which I hosted recently here in South Pasadena, I snapped these pics. This was a 1970’s era condo in original condition. And when I say “original” I mean like the day the stove and oven were installed. Perfectly preserved in near mint condition (no pun intended) this matched set of lime green range top, range hood and dual oven were a sight to behold. My mom had a similar set when I was growing up and I remember that everyone at the time thought that “push buttons” for the operation were very high tech!

Shower stall with a window built into it

Man have I seen a lot of showers. Hundreds and hundreds of showers. This one stood out. It’s the only time I have seen a window built into the actual shower stall! This type of construction would only have been possible in a bygone era. Featured in a craftsman home from the 1920’s – it was most likely a big selling feature at the time. It is pretty cool though – imagine showering and looking out the window at the same time. Not many people get to do that.

This Vintage Heating and Cooling Vent

Craftsmanship in historic homes is epic. I have seen examples of attention to detail that stagger the mind – like the design work on the inside of hinges. The inside! Where you only see it if the door is open. These heating and cooling vents fall into that category. From an early 1900’s craftsman home – these vents are a true work of art. It’s a privilege to play a small role in preserving these historic architectural elements for future generations to enjoy.

The Mailbox is a Miniature Version of the House! Like an Exact Replica!

This is a home in South Pasadena down the street from me. I walk around the neighborhood all the time and I came across this brilliant example of where creativity, art and function all come together. Who even thinks this up? Let alone the energy, effort, and craftsmanship to actually build that mailbox. Well done postal enthusiast…well done.